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Promoting Innovation: Support for Startups, Scale-ups, and Succession Planning

What investments shape our future and drive progress? This central question motivates Dresdner Investment & Advisory GmbH, our holding company, and our CEO Jens-Peter Schulz.

People as the Core of Sustainable Businesses


As Chairman of PropTechDACH, our CEO, Jens-Peter Schulz, is dedicated to connecting and advancing areas such as PropTech, ConTech, Smart Building, and other innovative fields. He places people and their needs at the center of future developments, focusing on sustainable workplaces and environmentally friendly living. Additionally, he emphasizes targeted investments to realize these visions.

This forward-thinking and anticipatory mindset shapes his company and every single employee. By doing so, he creates opportunities for everyone to actively participate in shaping a sustainable future and benefit from strategic investments.

Out of the niche: real estate start-ups dare to take the next step

The real estate industry is also developing new ideas, forging business plans and seeking financially strong investors. The challenge for real estate start-ups is, on the one hand, to have an idea that convinces investors and, on the other hand, also works practically and generates financial returns.

The Dresdner Real Estate Investment Holding GmbH Real Estate Start-up program

Start-ups in the real estate industry: Dresdner Real Estate Investment Holding GmbH promotes up-and-coming companies that offer real estate related or relevant solutions.

Simply register for our mentoring program and benefit from our in-depth expertise in the real estate industry as well as our openness to digital and implementable solutions. If we like your start-up and your solution, you will be given a great opportunity to prove yourself in practice.


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